“We Are the Ants,” by Shaun David Hutchinson

    2/5 Stars The concept of this book was intriguing and unique. I haven't seen too many other YA books incorporate aliens into the plot. The truth is though, this book was underwhelming and boring. I wasn't invested in any of the characters. The main character was annoyingly cynical. The late best-friend was flat … Continue reading “We Are the Ants,” by Shaun David Hutchinson


“WOLFPACK,” By Abby Wambach

4/5 Stars I graduated from college recently with a Bachelor of Arts. I’ve been having more trouble than I imagined finding a job. On a road trip to Colorado, my friend’s mom suggested we listen to a short audio-book. At first, I was skeptical. I don’t really care about sports, and I don’t really relate when … Continue reading “WOLFPACK,” By Abby Wambach

Total Sorority Move’s Article on the #MeToo Movement

Read First: TSM's Me, Too article Less than 24 hours ago, Total Sorority Move posted an article on their website labeled "Literally, Why Can't I Say #MeToo?" When I initially saw it, I panicked because TSM doesn't have the reputation of being appropriate, down-to-earth, or even pleasant.  Reading this article made my chest tighten. Not … Continue reading Total Sorority Move’s Article on the #MeToo Movement