“I’ll Give You the Sun” By Jandy Nelson

5/5 Stars

First thing I can say after finishing this book is “Wow.” This is novel has become one of


Image taken from Goodreads.com

the best YA contemporary novels I have ever read. It is 371 pages, but I read it in a day.

I feel like people of all ages can relate to this book, not just young adults. Because there so many plot lines of characters all ages, people in any point in life can find a way to relate.

The structure of this novel is amazing. Chapters alternate between the perspectives of twins Noah, when age 14, and Jude when age 16. The story flows so well. There is never a dull moment in this book.

The absolute best part of this book for me, was the emotion I experienced while reading it. The author makes the characters so relatable, it felt like I was going through the same heartbreak the characters were too.

The writing style of the author was really enjoyable to me, but I can see how some readers would find the metaphors a little much. The characters in this book are artists, so it makes sense that they view the world in an artistic manner though.

Certain moments of dialogue in Jude’s chapters can be very cheesy and cliché. I was enjoying the writing style and story so much though, that I didn’t even mind.  The only other problem I had with this character is how the author makes Zephyr as a bad guy, but his actions really were not that bad.

I highly recommend this book. It’s one of those rare occasions when after you finish reading it, you just have to sit for a second. You’ll never forget those characters, and maybe you’ll even miss them a little bit.


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