“Children of Eden” by Joey Graceffa

2/5 Stars

The main reason I picked up this novel was to compare it to the Shadow Children series


Image taken from Goodreads.com

by Margaret Haddix. Haddix wrote her series before Graceffa, but the two have the same basic plot; families are only allowed to have a certain amount of children in order for society to survive.

The main character continuously annoyed me throughout the entire book. She made dumb decisions, asked irrelevant hypothetical questions, and wasn’t consistent. If something bad happened to the main character, it didn’t furnish sympathy from me.

The author was also very redundant. The worst part about that is that he wouldn’t keep consistency. More than once he said that being an illegal second child would mean certain death, but on other occasions would say that second children could be used as servants or prisoners. It just seemed like the author didn’t know his own world well enough or keep his ideas in order.

His world doesn’t seem to make much sense at all. There are a TON of plot holes and inconsistencies that the author ignores. This book is in a scifi/utopia genre, but the science that the author uses is just ignorant or plain wrong. I couldn’t help but laugh when the author basically blamed GMO’s as the downfall of the world.

Here are some quick break downs:

  • His plot twists were extremely predictable
  • He is really bad at describing things. I had a hard time imagining places because his descriptions were very confusing.
  • Love triangle (yawn).

The good news is that the plot had a great pace and the author did surprisingly well differentiating his world from the Shadow Children series.

This is the first novel in what I assume will be a trilogy or series. The author will have to be very careful because I can see this turning into another generic version of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner series. I won’t be reading anything else in this world I wouldn’t recommend the book.


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