Author’s Spotlight- Babe Walker

For the few of you that don’t know who Babe Walker is, she is a satirical author of three (amazing) novels and one novella.  Well, ‘she’ meaning two dudes and one dudette. What originally started as a funny twitter account in 2010 has led to the fictional legend that is Babe Walker.


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“White Girl Problems” was originally published in 2012. Although it only has a rating of 3.7 on Goodreads, it’s a 5 in my heart. This ‘memoir’ is described as having a character that “everyone loves to hate.” Although she is completely unrelatable to the average reader, something about her persona is addicting and lovable.

The true authors, brothers Tanner and David Oliver Cohen, with their friend, Lara Schoenhals, were “inspired by modern day celebrities who they feel are out of touch with reality.”

Out of touch with reality is a great way to describe Babe Walker. Her honest and blunt attitude make for a shocking comedy. She’s a character that you really should hate, but can’t help but love because of her naivety.


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“White Girl Problems” is my personal favorite out of the three current novels. The readers are introduced to Babe’s crazy past, even the most personal of details are not spared. Babe has such a charismatic personality that you won’t even realize you’ve fallen in love with her life until you’re on the last page, begging for more to read.

The writing style feels like Babe Walker is with you in person, telling you her stories over a casual cup of coffee. She quickly becomes a best friend that you love, but you also kind of aren’t sad when she messes up.

The second novel, “Psychos” brings an extra layer to babe that we’ve all experienced. Not even Babe Walker is excluded from the hardships of trying to find one’s true self during their early 20’s. Although, the majority of people don’t get to jet around the world while they try to find themselves, Babe still experiences road blocks that women of all backgrounds go through.

Despite Babe being a walking epitome of ‘white girl problems’, she has a surprisingly real layer to herself that most young females can identify with. Pettiness, jealousy and competitiveness, are character traits that other authors (particularly in YA) tend to leave out. For these reasons, Babe becomes a real person that is frustrating, but also amazing.


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“American Babe” is the third and highest rated novel on Goodreads. Here, Babe continues to learn more about herself and her family, while feeling emotions that she never knew she could feel. Babe experiences her first taste of the real world, and encounters a character that finally represents us normal folk.

An amazing thing about this character is the true-ness to herself. Babe tries to do things the way other people want her to, but throughout the three novels, Babe stays true to herself despite haters, critiquers, and naysayers. Even though there are some crude scenes in these novels, I think many young females could learn a thing or two from Babe Walker.

I’ve never been too interested in memoirs, but Babe Walker ups the ante, even if it is fiction. Anyone who has ever experienced a “white girl problem” will find these novels humorous and accurate. I recommend these books to all who need a break from reality and know how to make the most of a white girl problem.

For more information on Babe Walker:



Interesting article on the real voices behind Babe Walker


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