“Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch

4/5 Stars

If you are in the mood for a mind bending sci-fi then I have the perfect book for you.

Image taken from Goodreads.com

Dark Matter explores the multiverse theory with clarity and simplicity. Throughout the story, strength of mind and morals is tested of characters, making for a page turning thriller.

As most science fiction books are, the dialogue between characters is somewhat dry. During a couple of scenes, the dialogue is so clunky that it is actually humorous.

Crouch achieved all he needed to in order to have a decent book. His writing style is good, but not great. He doesn’t confuse readers when explaining the science concepts, but the scientific reasoning could’ve been more realistic. The actions within the different universes are interesting, but the universes themselves are predictable.

It felt like he played it safe with his plot most of the book. I wanted the main character, Jason, to be more human. I wanted to see his flaws and watch him make mistakes. Instead, he was presented only as the perfect, devout husband and father.

Even with all of my critiques, something about this book made me enjoy reading it. It makes the reader think about all the decisions they have made in life and where they would be now in a different universe. Even though I probably won’t go out of my way to read anything else by this author, I’d still recommend this book to any sci-fi lover.



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