“Ordinary Goodness” By Edward Viljoen

4/5 Stars

This is the first nonfiction book I have read in years, but it came to me at the perfect time. Whenever I read it, I was feeling very down on myself and the world. Ordinary

Ordinary Goodness: The Surprisingly Effortless Path to Creating a Life of Meaning and Beauty

Image taken from Goodreads.com

Goodness serves as a reminder that we are all connected to each other and this world.

Viljoen teaches us that it is perfectly okay to have different opinions, the important thing is how we treat people with different and shared opinions. He doesn’t point blame at anyone, instead explains that as humans, we need to be more acceptable of other humans.

The title of this book is exactly what it is about- ordinary goodness, and why we should stop focusing on the negative and learn to appreciate the positive. He doesn’t use any single religion as an example, instead takes a more universal look at it and cites religions from all around the world. He also references standpoints from people of all backgrounds and time periods.

This book provides a beautiful viewpoint of the world, and even gives practices and exercises to help achieve a more positive mindset. The author never pretends to be perfect either, which is super refreshing.

The only con I can think of is that toward the end, I felt like like I was reading reading the same ideas over and over again. Definitely worth the read though!

I recommend this book to anyone who is in the middle of a rough patch in life. It helps bring a feeling of optimism to the reader. By the time you finish, half your book will be highlighted, just like mine!


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