“Bone Gap” by Laura Ruby

2/5 stars

Bone Gap is written beautifully and its characters are unique, but the plot is so boring. I could sum up the entire 345 pages in three paragraphs. This is my first magical realism book, but yet it is still forgettable to me.


Image taken from Goodreads.com

The main problem with this novel, is the lack of interest that it invoked in me. This novel doesn’t stand out to me and isn’t particularly unique. I didn’t really take anything away after finishing this book.

This book might have also  been stronger if it wasn’t categorized as magical realism. The magical elements don’t start showing up until halfway through the book, and by then it just feel out of place. Then, during the resolution, the characters just pretend that what they just went through was completely normal; there was no acknowledging what they just went through.

This plot relies heavily on the relationships of the people in Bone Gap, Illinois. That being said, not much is expanded on the residents; all that Ruby says about the town is that people talk. Ruby should’ve spent less time with beautiful metaphors and more time developing her characters’ relationships.

This book has insta-love. This automatically knocks a star off of any novel.

I don’t regret reading this novel, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone either. One interesting thing about this novel is that it is inspired by a mythological story. To read more about the inspiration, click here.


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