Why I Liked the Netflix Television Show “13 Reasons Why” More Than the Book

13 Reasons Why premiered as a Netflix original on Friday, the 31st of March. The new 13-episode series is based on the novel by Jay Asher, which was published in 2007. The novel and the show have won over the hearts of book and television lovers.

13 reasons why novel

image taken from thirteenreasonswhy.com

I first read the novel when I was a sophomore in high school. As all great novels do, it stuck with me long after I finished it. The message is extremely powerful and although it was aimed at young adults, everyone can relate to it.

The television show did a great job mirroring the plot of the novel and capturing the tone. I finished all 13 episodes in two days. The biggest difference between the two is that the television show is much, much more mature.

There were certain points in the television show where I almost could not keep watching. Certain episodes made me cry. I had to remind myself that these were fictional characters.

The book hints at certain things while the Netflix show gruesomely depicts emotional events. The book and television show both include a car wreck, rape, and suicide. Both serve as an amazing PSA for bullying, but because the television show doesn’t hold back depicting these events, it makes the message so much stronger than the novel.

13 reasons why tv show

image taken from imdb.com

There weren’t too many differences between the plot of the novel and the tv show. Anything that the television show tweaked, served to make the message even stronger than it already was.

The plot combined with the casting, scoring and cinematography made this show one of my most favorite things I have ever watched. I loved the novel, but sorry Asher, Netflix wins this round.


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