“The Sun Is Also A Star”by Nicola Yoon

3/5 stars

I loved Natasha’s story (the female lead), and I loved Daniel’s story (the male lead). I did not love them together though. This book would’ve been much stronger if the author wasn’t trying to force love onto the characters.the sun is also a star

Natasha was extremely rude to Daniel. She has an understandable reason to be grumpy because of the deportation, but if Daniel had any self respect he would’ve left her alone and moved on with his life. The entire book consisted of Natasha being rude to Daniel, and Daniel not taking a hint.

The two main characters also had completely different personalities that I just didn’t see working together. Daniel is a hopeless romantic, Natasha a cynic of love. If you mix those two personality types together for a romance, it better be very believable.

In this case, it wasn’t. I enjoyed reading about their lives separately more than I did about their romance.

The plot is written out over one day. I firmly believe that if this story was given a longer time period, the love could’ve developed better. Instead, two high-school teens were sexually attracted to one another in the guise of love at first sight.

Other nit-picky problems are the times when the author tries to be too deep for a YA novel, the random perspectives of unimportant characters, and the ending.

The author added some unique qualities to this book that were the only reason I gave it three stars. Yoon showcased diversity, interesting backgrounds for the characters and unique and informative sections between chapters. I just wish this story was about the two becoming friends rather than a fake love.

I recommend this book to hopeless romantics, all others stay clear. For a more in depth review of this novel, click here.


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