“The Fever” by Megan Abbott

3/5 stars

I couldn’t decide between 3 stars or 5 stars for this book. Even after waiting a week to review this book, I still have internal conflict on if this was a good book or not.


Photo taken from amazon.com

The biggest problem with this book is how unclear the author is. I was confused about more than one thing when reading the novel. Sometimes her descriptions are beautiful, and other times it only muddled the plot.

The writing style and diction is gorgeous, but in certain parts Abbott’s descriptions of events or people led me to believe this was a paranormal book when in fact it is a contemporary mystery. The words that Abbott used were very powerful, and I don’t think she realized the connotations of some of the words that she used.

The story alternates among three people’s perspectives. For the first couple of sentences in a section, it is impossible to tell which character you are following at that moment. This interrupts the flow of the story and a simple fix of putting the name of the character at the start of the chapter would’ve prevented that.

There isn’t any character development in this novel at all. Despite that, most of the characters were really enjoyable and believable. Some parts of the father’s perspective are oddly sexual though, and if that was left out it would strengthen the novel.

This story is a good mystery, but it moves on the slower side. The author could’ve cut about 50 pages out of this book to help the plot move faster. The author’s elegant and whimsical writing style helped to make the slower plot less noticeable though.

Ultimately I’m left with more unanswered questions about the plot than answered ones, leaving me unfulfilled. To check out other well written books by this author, click here.


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