Book Covers Matter

Last week I tweeted a poll asking my followers if they judged a book by its cover. I received 24 votes over the course of one exact day. I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

79 percent of the anonymous 24 voters said they did judge a book by its cover, and 21 percent said no. The 21 percent might be lying to themselves. This article and this


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article give some truth to that claim.

From childhood, my generation has been told never to judge a book by its cover. As children, we were supposed to infer the phrase to mean that we should not judge people outwardly. In my opinion, we definitely shouldn’t judge people by their outward appearance, but judging a book by its cover is a whole different story.

When people are asked what they think is a good book cover, there might be an array of detailed answers. The consensus that the most important qualities of a book cover is that it must look professional, high quality, and relevant. The opposite can damage a book’s sales, reputation, and credibility.

I think of a book cover as the author’s way of giving the reader a hint of the story. Of course, there is usually a synopsis on the back of a book for readers to use, but book covers can be used in a more creative manner. Covers can draw attention, create positive or negative impression, and help the reader assume the tone of the book all within a second.

Author branding is also a great way to utilize book covers. With book series, having covers that show the same elements is imperative. Book covers allow the author to create an icon with their series and undeniably help with keeping sales up.

Think of your favorite series’ covers. Do you think you still would’ve picked up the first book in that series if the cover didn’t grab your attention?


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One thought on “Book Covers Matter

  1. TheAliceFan says:

    Yes, covers matter a lot for me. Unless the book is really hyped and I have heard numerous praises and acclaim for the book, I would really see if the cover interests me.

    Sometimes, when a book is great, but there is the lack of a good cover, I would delay the purchase until I have discovered one with a more appealing cover (provides that they exist) 🙂

    So unless it is the sole, exclusive cover available, I’ll look for the others if it doesn’t interest me… I want it to look nice on the shelf, so.. yeah 😀

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