“Vanishing Girls” by Lauren Oliver

5/5 Stars

Lauren Oliver continues to blow my mind with each book she writes. The plot had a perfect pace, the characters were believable, and the diction was beautiful. It all fit together in a perfect Young Adult novel.


Photo taken from Lauren Oliver’s site (here)

You start off thinking the book will just be about the two sisters reforming the relationship they once had. As the plot progresses, there are hints that things are more than they seem, and that there is a lot more to the story than what the narrator lets on.

One of my favorite things about a good book is brilliant use of subtle foreshadowing. I won’t spoil anything, but this book was great at keeping the plot focused in a way the reader doesn’t realize yet. Some things may seem strange to the reader, but give it time and it will come together in the end.

After reading reviews from others, some fans of psychological thrillers think the ending was not surprising. For me though, I was too caught up in the story to even think about the end. The book was so enjoyable to me that I read it in about a day.

As most YA novels are, this book relied on the writing style and relationships among the characters to drive the plot. Unlike most of YA authors though, Oliver did a great job developing both.

It has the perfect mix of teen relatability, drama, and adventure. It tackles a topic that not many authors try to go to. This book can either be a fun read for a rainy day or a symbolic thriller that will have you going back to the start of the book once you’ve finished in order to see what you missed.

You can read more about this novel and author here.


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